David Choe Net Worth 2024: The Controversial Artist Who Scored Big With Facebook

David Choe, a name synonymous with audacity And creativity, embarked on a journey from the streets of Los Angeles to the echelons of multimillionaire artists. His story is not just about art; it’s about making bold choices, embracing the unconventional, And transforming opportunities into gold. This article delves into the fascinating narrative of how David Choe amassed his wealth, highlighting his unique blend of talent, risk-taking, And a bit of serendipity.

The Unlikely Bet on Facebook

In 2005, a pivotal moment came when Sean Parker, then president of Facebook, commissioned Choe to paint murals for the company’s first Silicon Valley office. Choe, known for his vibrant And provocative style, was offered a choice between cash And stock options as payment. Opting for stock in a then-unknown startup over immediate payment, Choe made a gamble that would later cement his financial fortune. When Facebook went public in 2012, his shares were valued at an astonishing $200 million, catapulting him into the realm of the super-rich.

Full NameDavid Choe
OccupationArtist, muralist, graffiti artist
Notable WorksFacebook murals, figure painting, street art
MovementUrban contemporary art
Birth Date, Birth PlaceApril 21, 1976 – Los Angeles, California
Net Worth$300 Million
EducationPasadena Art Center College
Known ForControversial style, made millions from early Facebook stock
Notable CollectionsSmithsonian National Portrait Gallery

Beyond the Brush: Diversification And Ventures

Choe’s wealth is not solely attributed to his Facebook windfall. He continued to diversify his portfolio, investing in early-stage companies like Uber And Snapchat, which further multiplied his wealth. His art, characterized by a blend of street art, graffiti, And pop culture references, continued to gain recognition And fetch high prices in galleries worldwide. Choe also ventured into the digital space, leveraging social media to expand his reach And influence.

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The DVDASA Podcast And Media Ventures

In 2012, Choe co-founded the DVDASA podcast, a platform that explored various topics, including art, relationships, And personal anecdotes. The podcast, despite its controversial nature, garnered a dedicated following And became a significant source of income And influence for Choe.

Philanthropy And Giving Back

With wealth came a sense of responsibility. Choe has been active in philanthropy, supporting causes such as Doctors Without Borders And the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. His commitment to giving back is a testament to his belief in using his success for positive impact.

Who is David Choe?

David Choe is an American artist, known for his figure paintings, murals, And graphic novels. Born on April 21, 1976, in Los Angeles, California, Choe’s work spans various mediums, including street art, fine art, And digital media. His eclectic style often combines elements of eroticism, desire, degradation, And exaltation.

How did David Choe become famous?

Choe gained initial fame through his vibrant, raw street art And murals. However, his notoriety skyrocketed when he chose Facebook stock over cash payment for painting murals at Facebook’s first Silicon Valley offices. This decision would eventually make him a multimillionaire, drawing immense public And media attention.

Artist David Choe Net Worth

David Choe’s Net Worth

As of 2021, David Choe’s net worth is estimated to be around $300 million. This figure is largely attributed to his early investment in Facebook stock, alongside his successful art career, where his pieces sell for significant amounts in galleries And auctions worldwide.

What are some of David Choe’s most famous artworks?

Choe’s art is diverse, ranging from street graffiti to elaborate paintings. Some of his most notable works include the murals he painted for Facebook’s offices, his cover art for Jay-Z And Linkin Park’s “Collision Course” album, And his graphic novel “Slow Jams.” His work is celebrated for its emotional depth, intricate detail, And often provocative themes.

Has David Choe written any books?

Yes, David Choe has published several books that showcase his art And explore his life experiences. These include “Slow Jams,” “Bruised Fruit: The Art of David Choe,” And “David Choe.” These works provide insight into his creative process, personal anecdotes, And the evolution of his artistic style.

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What controversies has David Choe been involved in?

Throughout his career, Choe has been a figure of controversy, often due to the explicit nature of his art And his candid discussions about his personal life And views. One notable controversy involved his comments on a podcast, which he later apologized for, acknowledging the importance of respecting all individuals.

What is David Choe’s artistic style?

Choe’s artistic style is difficult to categorize due to its eclectic nature. It blends elements of street art, graffiti, traditional painting, And graphic design. His work is known for its vibrant colors, complex narratives, And emotional intensity, often exploring themes of desire, decay, And redemption.

How has social media impacted David Choe’s career?

Social media has played a significant role in amplifying David Choe’s presence And reach. Platforms like Instagram And YouTube have allowed him to showcase his art, share his experiences, And connect with a global audience. His candidness And the visual appeal of his work have garnered him a substantial online following.

What philanthropic efforts has David Choe been involved in?

David Choe has engaged in various philanthropic activities, using his wealth And platform to support causes he believes in. He has made significant donations to organizations like Doctors Without Borders And has been involved in charity auctions, where his art raises money for different causes.

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What lessons can aspiring artists learn from David Choe’s career?

Aspiring artists can learn several lessons from David Choe’s career, including the importance of taking risks, staying true to one’s unique voice, And the value of perseverance. Choe’s journey underscores the potential of art to transform lives And the importance of embracing every opportunity, no matter how unconventional it may seem.


David Choe’s journey from a struggling artist to a multimillionaire is a narrative of risk, innovation, And the power of believing in one’s vision. His story is not just about the financial gains from a lucky break with Facebook but also about his continuous evolution as an artist And entrepreneur. Choe’s life reminds us that wealth can come from unexpected places, And success is often a mix of talent, timing, And the courage to take the road less traveled.

What advice does David Choe have for aspiring artists?

Choe emphasizes the importance of authenticity, risk-taking, And learning from failure, encouraging artists to pursue their passions relentlessly.

Has David Choe faced any controversies?

Yes, Choe has faced controversies, primarily due to his explicit artwork And provocative nature, but these have not hindered his success.

What is David Choe’s artistic style?

Choe’s style is a fusion of street art, graffiti, And pop culture, known for its vibrant colors And provocative themes.

How much is David Choe worth?

As of 2024, David Choe’s estimated net worth is around $300 million.

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