The Biggest ‘The Boys’ Twist That Will Never Happen (You Won’t Believe Why)

The world of The Boys is as brutal And unpredictable as it gets, And fans are always bracing for The next jaw-dropping twist. But one major plot twist from The comics isn’t making The cut. Showrunner Eric Kripke has confirmed that The shocking revelation about Homelander And Black Noir from Garth Ennis And Darick Robertson’s original series will not be mirrored in The Prime Video adaptation. Let’s dive into why Kripke has made this call And what it means for The show moving forward.

The Comics vs. The Show: A Major Divergence

The Biggest ‘The Boys’ Twist That Will Never Happen (You Won'T Believe Why

In The comic series, The big reveal is that Black Noir is A clone of Homelander, secretly orchestrating many of The heinous acts attributed to The latter. This twist turns The narrative on its head, positioning Black Noir as The true villain And dramatically reshaping The story. However, Kripke has decided this route isn’t suitable for The television series.

“No, And I don’t mind saying it,” Kripke stated unequivocally in An interview with Variety. “In The comics, he’s A clone of Homelander this entire time And is actually The one doing all these horrific things. And again, it’s A hell of A twist. But it’s like, well, wait, The villain I’ve been following isn’t really The villain. And mileage varies, And I’m sure fans are mad I’m not going that way, but that felt not as satisfying to me.”

Why The Clone Twist Doesn’t Fit

For Kripke, The decision boils down to narrative satisfaction And thematic consistency. Homelander has been meticulously built up as The central antagonist, A monstrous force growing more unstable And dangerous with each passing season. To suddenly reveal that he isn’t The true villain would undermine The intricate character development And dramatic tension that The show has carefully cultivated.

“Cloning feels too magical for The show,” Kripke explained. “We try to say that superheroes are The only slippery banana, And that everything else we try to make as grounded as possible.”

In other words, while The show embraces The fantastical elements of superheroes, it strives to maintain A certain level of realism within its universe. Introducing A clone plot might push The boundaries of believability too far, disrupting The gritty, grounded tone that The Boys is known for.

Homelander: The Villain We Love to Hate

Homelander, portrayed with chilling intensity by Antony Starr, is one of The most compelling villains on television today. His arc is A terrifying exploration of power And corruption, And his unpredictable nature keeps viewers on edge. Maintaining Homelander as The core villain ensures that this momentum continues, making The narrative more gripping And The stakes higher.

The show has spent considerable time delving into Homelander’s psyche, his disturbing upbringing, And his increasing instability. Season 4 promises to explore even more of his backstory, making it all The more important that he remains The primary antagonist. To pivot away from this And introduce A clone twist would not only feel anticlimactic but also disrupt The story’s continuity.

Black Noir’s Role in The TV Series

In The TV series, Black Noir’s character has already taken A different path. Initially depicted as A mysterious And silent enforcer, it was later revealed that he is A former member of Payback who suffered severe brain damage at The hands of Soldier Boy. This backstory has added depth to his character, making him more than just A potential plot twist.

Kripke’s confirmation that Black Noir II won’t be A Homelander clone allows The show to continue building on this character’s unique journey. It keeps The focus on Homelander’s descent into madness And The escalating threat he poses to both his allies And enemies.

Given this major divergence from The comics, fans of The Boys are sure to have strong opinions. Let’s hear from you:

Poll: Do you agree with Eric Kripke’s decision to not include The Homelander clone twist in The show?

  • Yes, it makes The story stronger.
  • No, I wanted to see The clone twist.
  • I’m not sure, I trust Kripke’s vision.

The Future of ‘The Boys’

By steering clear of The clone twist, Kripke ensures that The show remains focused on its core narrative And character arcs. This decision promises A more cohesive And satisfying storyline, where Homelander continues to be The terrifying focal point of The series.

As The Boys heads into its final two seasons, fans can expect The tension to ratchet up even further. Homelander’s unraveling promises to be A spectacle of villainy, And without The distraction of A clone plot, The show can delve deeper into his character And The chaos he unleashes.

What do you think about Kripke’s decision to veer away from The comic’s clone twist? Do you think it will enhance The show’s narrative, or are you disappointed not to see this shocking plotline brought to life? Share your thoughts in The comments And spread The word by sharing this article on social media. Let’s keep The discussion going about what makes The Boys one of The most thrilling shows on TV today!

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