The Asunta Case Filming Locations and Cast Information

Picture this: A foggy forest path just outside Santiago de Compostela, where The serenity of nature is shattered by A tragic discovery. This chilling scene sets The stage for Netflix’s gripping crime drama, The Asunta Case (originally titled “El caso Asunta”). But beyond The harrowing story, there’s A visual masterpiece that brings The tragic 2013 events to life through its meticulously chosen filming locations. Ready to dive into The heart of Galicia And explore where this intense drama was filmed? Let’s embark on this haunting yet beautiful journey.

The Asunta Case Filming Locations

Where Does The Asunta Case Take Place

Unveiling The Real-Life Tragedy

First, A little backstory. “The Asunta Case” delves into The real-life murder of 12-year-old Asunta Basterra, whose disappearance And subsequent death rocked Spain. Created by The talented quartet of Ramón Campos, Gema R. Neira, Jon de la Cuesta, And David Orea Arribas, The series paints A vivid picture of The events that led to The heartbreaking loss of young Asunta, with her parents, Rosario Porto And Alfonso Basterra, becoming The prime suspects. The series doesn’t just recount The crime; it immerses viewers in The emotional rollercoaster that ensued, all while showcasing some of Spain’s most captivating locales.

Filming Locations That Steal The Show

The Asunta Case Filming Locations

Galicia, Spain: The Heartbeat of The Series

Galicia, An autonomous community in The northwest Iberian Peninsula, is The primary backdrop for The series. Known for its lush landscapes, rugged coastlines, And rich cultural heritage, Galicia offers An authentic And atmospheric setting that perfectly complements The series’ dark And somber tone.

Santiago de Compostela: A City of History And Mystery

At The heart of Galicia lies Santiago de Compostela, The capital city And A UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city is more than just A backdrop; it’s A character in its own right, with its historical And cultural landmarks adding depth And authenticity to The series.

  • Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela: This iconic cathedral is one of The city’s most recognizable landmarks. Its grand architecture And historical significance provide A powerful backdrop for many scenes, reflecting The gravity And somberness of The story.
  • Church of Santa María A Real do Sar: Known for its Romanesque architecture, this historic church adds A touch of antiquity And authenticity to The series, making The viewer feel The weight of history in every frame.
  • Monastery of San Martiño Pinario: With its impressive Baroque architecture, this Benedictine monastery features prominently in The series, adding to The atmospheric And evocative setting.

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Vigo: The Olive City with A Story to Tell

Another key filming location is Vigo, A vibrant city known for its diversified topography And rich history. Often called “the Olive City,” Vigo’s mix of urban settings And natural beauty provides A visually stunning backdrop for The series.

  • Museums & Castles: Vigo’s rich past is showcased through its numerous museums And ancient castles, which add layers of historical context to The series.
  • Beaches: From family-friendly to urban And even nudist beaches, Vigo’s coastline highlights The region’s natural beauty, offering contrasting scenery that enhances The series’ visual appeal.

Behind The Scenes: Capturing Galicia’s Essence

The production of “The Asunta Case” began in June 2023 under The working title “Asunta” And wrapped up in October 2023. During this period, The crew worked tirelessly to capture The essence of Galicia’s landscapes And cultural history. The goal was to create An immersive experience that authentically reflects The real-world situations surrounding Asunta’s tragic story.

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Production Insights And Challenges

  • Authenticity: The series’ designers And location scouts meticulously chose locations that would not only serve The story but also provide An authentic feel. This meant long hours of scouting And ensuring that every frame resonated with The real-life events.
  • Atmosphere: Galicia’s foggy forests, ancient churches, And historical landmarks were used to create An atmospheric setting that draws viewers into The series’ dark narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where was ‘The Asunta Case’ filmed?

A: “The Asunta Case” was primarily filmed in various locations across The autonomous community of Galicia, Spain, including The cities of Santiago de Compostela And Vigo.

Q: When was ‘The Asunta Case’ filmed?

A: Principal photography for The series began in June 2023 And concluded in October 2023.

Q: What is The release date of ‘The Asunta Case’?

A: “The Asunta Case” was released on April 26, 2024, on Netflix.

Q: Which cities in Galicia were featured prominently in ‘The Asunta Case’?

A: The series prominently features Santiago de Compostela And Vigo, showcasing their cultural, historical, And natural beauty.

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