Smile 2 Filming Locations and Cast Information

Imagine waking up in The middle of The night, your heart racing, only to remember it was that spooky trailer for Smile 2 that’s haunting your dreams. Buckle up, horror fans, because The sequel to The 2022 hit “Smile” is set to send shivers down your spine. Directed by Parker Finn, this psychological supernatural horror promises more chills, thrills, And some serious creeps. Let’s take A closer look at where this bone-chilling movie was filmed And meet The talented cast bringing it to life.

Behind The Scenes of Smile 2 Filming Locations And Cast Info

Smile 2 Filming Locations And Cast Information1

The Tale of Skye Riley

The plot of Smile 2 follows Skye Riley, A global pop sensation on The brink of her world tour, who starts experiencing horrifying And unexplainable events. These strange occurrences, coupled with The pressures of fame, force Skye to confront her past And battle her inner demons. Sounds like A recipe for sleepless nights, right?

Meet The Cast: A Star-Studded Ensemble

  • Kyle Gallner returns as Joel, reprising his role from The first film.
  • Naomi Scott, known for her vibrant role in “Aladdin,” steps in as Skye Riley, The haunted pop star.
  • Lukas Gage And Rosemarie DeWitt join The cast, adding their unique talents to The mix.

In addition to these headliners, The film features Dylan Gelula, Raúl Castillo, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Peter Jacobson, And Ray Nicholson. Each actor brings A special something to this eerie tale, ensuring that “Smile 2” isn’t just another horror sequel but A continuation of A chilling legacy.

Behind The Scenes Of Smile 2 Filming Locations And Cast Info

Filming Locations: From Newburgh to New York City

Principal photography for “Smile 2” took place in various picturesque And spooky spots in Hudson Valley, New York, from January to March 2024. Here’s A rundown of The key locations that provided The perfect eerie backdrop for The film:


This historic town with its charming yet slightly unsettling old-world vibe served as A prime location for The film. Picture narrow streets, old buildings, And A riverfront that could easily hide A few secrets.


Home to A blend of historic sites And natural beauty, Poughkeepsie’s mix of urban And rural elements added depth to The movie’s settings. Imagine Skye Riley wandering through its shadowy alleys And quaint parks, pursued by unseen terrors.

Smile 2 Filming Locations Poughkeepsie, New York


Ellenville, with its serene landscapes And rustic charm, offered A stark contrast to The film’s darker themes. The juxtaposition of beauty And horror made it An ideal filming spot.

Wappingers Falls

This small village brought An intimate, close-knit feel to The scenes, enhancing The sense of impending dread And community secrets.


New York’s capital city provided A diverse array of locations, from its historic downtown to its more modern outskirts. Albany’s rich history And architecture added layers of intrigue to The film.

New York City

No horror film set in New York would be complete without some shots in The city that never sleeps. NYC’s bustling streets, towering buildings, And hidden nooks contributed to The film’s ominous atmosphere.

Filming Locations From Newburgh To New York City

Director’s Vision: Parker Finn’s Masterstroke

Parker Finn, The creative genius behind “Smile,” left audiences with more questions than answers in The first film. This ambiguity was intentional, laying The groundwork for “Smile 2.” Finn’s goal was to explore new dimensions of The eerie world he created, delving deeper into The mysterious entity that haunts his characters. He’s kept fans on their toes, promising that The sequel will be just as fresh And spine-tingling as its predecessor.

A Little-Known Fact to Amaze Your Friends

Did you know that Parker Finn signed A first-look deal with Paramount Pictures in March 2023? This deal not only greenlit “Smile 2” but also opened doors for future horror projects. Paramount unveiled this exciting news at CinemaCon in April 2023, sparking A wave of anticipation among horror enthusiasts.

Smile 2 Filming Locations And Cast Information

Interactive Corner: What’s Your Take?

Now, let’s make this spooky journey A bit interactive. Have you been to any of these filming locations? Which spot do you think would be The most spine-chilling to visit at night? Share your thoughts in The comments or take our quick poll:

  • Newburgh’s historic streets: Nostalgic or nightmarish?
  • Poughkeepsie’s blend of urban And rural: Perfect for A haunting?
  • Ellenville’s serene landscapes: Beauty hiding The beast?
  • Wappingers Falls’ close-knit village: Cozy or creepy?
  • Albany’s historic sites: A ghostly past?
  • New York City’s busy streets: Lost in The crowd or lost to The crowd?

Behind The Scenes Magic

Filming wrapped up swiftly in just three months, thanks to The dedication of The cast And crew. Imagine The behind-the-scenes hustle, with actors like Naomi Scott transforming into Skye Riley, capturing The essence of A pop star haunted by supernatural forces. And Kyle Gallner, returning as Joel, diving back into A world of eerie smiles And lurking shadows.

Behind The Scenes Magic

Call to Action: Share The Spook!

As The release date of October 18, 2024, approaches, it’s time to spread The word. Are you ready to experience The chills of “Smile 2”? Share this article with fellow horror buffs, And let’s get The conversation started. Use The hashtag #Smile2Movie to join The buzz on social media. Let’s make this A horror event to remember!


Smile 2 promises to be A rollercoaster of frights And thrills, with A stellar cast And spine-chilling locations. From The eerie streets of Newburgh to The bustling chaos of New York City, The film is set to deliver A hauntingly unforgettable experience. So, mark your calendars And prepare to smile… if you dare!

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