Professor T Filming Locations and Cast Information

You’re nestled in your cozy living room, popcorn in hand, as The enigmatic Professor Jasper Tempest solves yet another perplexing case on your screen. The camera pans over grand Gothic architecture And cobblestone streets, And you can’t help but wonder—where on Earth did they film this masterpiece? Well, buckle up, dear reader, because we’re about to embark on A journey through The breathtaking filming locations of The British crime series, Professor T. Grab your detective hat And join me as we unravel The secrets behind The show’s stunning backdrops!

Professor T Filming Locations

Is Professor T Set In Oxford

Welcome to Cambridge: The Heart of Professor T

First stop, Cambridge, England. Ah, Cambridge! This historic city, with its medieval colleges And serene riverbanks, serves as The primary setting for The series. As Professor Tempest, played by The brilliant Ben Miller, navigates through his academic And investigative adventures, The majestic university buildings provide A perfect, scholarly ambiance.

Jesus College: Where The Magic Happens

Ever wondered where those iconic scenes of Professor Tempest’s lectures are filmed? Look no further than Jesus College. Located at Jesus Lane, this college stands in for The fictional institution where Tempest imparts his forensic wisdom. The Chimney Passageway, Chapel Court, And First Court, complete with The San Marco Horse statue, make frequent appearances, adding An authentic touch of academic grandeur to The show.

Is Professor T Actually Filmed In Cambridge

Little Trinity: A Glimpse into Tempest’s Personal Life

For A peek into Professor Tempest’s more private moments, Little Trinity at 16 Jesus Lane is The place to be. This charming 18th-century house doubles as The Tempest family home, giving viewers A taste of The historical richness that Cambridge has to offer.

Reflective Moments at Gonville And Caius College

When The professor needs A moment of introspection, he heads to Gonville And Caius College. Located at Trinity Street, its picturesque architecture provides A serene backdrop for Tempest’s contemplative scenes. If these walls could talk, they’d probably reveal A thousand years of secrets!

Professor T Cast, Plot And Filming Locations Explained

Reality Checkpoint: The Local Landmark

Adding A dash of local flavor, The Reality Checkpoint—a well-known landmark near Cambridge CB1 1PN—also makes An appearance. It’s these little touches that ground The show in A tangible reality, making viewers feel like they’re right there, solving crimes alongside The professor.

Belgium: The European Twist

Now, let’s hop across The Channel to Belgium. Yes, you read that right—Professor T isn’t confined to The UK. The production team cleverly utilizes Belgium’s architectural charm to create A seamless blend of British And European aesthetics.

Antwerp: Streets And Stories

In Antwerp, The bustling streets become The canvas for various episodes. Episode 3, for instance, features A jewelry store And A karaoke bar that add A quirky European flair to The storyline. The city’s architecture, mirroring The UK’s historic vibe, makes it An ideal filming location.

Where Is The Show Professor T Filmed

The Ursuline Institute And Veurne: Historic Elegance

For A touch of historic elegance, The show moves to The Ursuline Institute near Mechelen And The town of Veurne. The Institute’s stained-glass Winter Garden And atmospheric corridors perfectly capture The series’ mysterious And academic tones.

Kasteel van Terhulpen: A Royal Affair

Ever wondered where The Samson family’s opulent home scenes were shot? Welcome to Kasteel van Terhulpen, or Château de la Hulpe. This majestic castle on The southeastern fringe of Brussels adds A regal touch, making it The perfect stand-in for The Samsons’ luxurious abode.

Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library: A Nod to Academia

Rounding off our Belgian tour is The Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library in Antwerp. This historic library lends An academic authenticity to The show, reminding viewers of The rich cultural heritage that underpins The series’ intellectual pursuits.

Professor T Filming Locations

Behind The Bars: Filming in A Real Prison

Here’s A fun fact that might surprise you: Some scenes from The third season were filmed in A real prison. This bold move added An extra layer of authenticity to The show, making The actors’ performances even more compelling. Imagine The thrill (and chills) of filming in A place with such A charged atmosphere!

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As we wrap up our tour of Professor T filming locations, remember that The magic of television isn’t just about The plot And characters. It’s also about The places that bring these stories to life. Whether it’s The historic halls of Cambridge or The enchanting streets of Antwerp, each location adds its unique charm to The narrative.

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