Hotel Cocaine Filming Locations and Cast Information

Ever wonder what it was like to live in The heart of Miami’s drug wars in The 1970s?

Imagine stepping into A time machine, being transported to An era where The air was thick with disco beats, The streets buzzed with classic cars, And The nights were lit up by neon signs. Now, picture this vibrant scene centered around The infamous Mutiny Hotel, A hub for all things decadent And illicit. Welcome to Hotel Cocaine, The sizzling new series on MGM+ that promises to take you on A wild ride through this tumultuous time.

Hotel Cocaine Filming Locations – From Miami to Santo Domingo

Where Was Hotel Filmed

In A brilliant stroke of cinematic genius, The creators of Hotel Cocaine chose to film much of The series in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. You might wonder why not Miami, The actual battleground of The drug wars? Well, according to producer Ricardo Del Río, “In many ways, Santo Domingo looks more like Miami in The 70s than what Miami looks like now because it changed so much.” The city’s vintage charm And authentic 70s vibe made it The ideal stand-in for Miami, ensuring every scene feels like A genuine blast from The past.

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Meet The Visionaries Behind The Camera

Guided by The creative minds of directors Guillermo Navarro, Sara Seligman, And Fernando Rovzar, And produced by industry veteran Ricardo Del Río, this series is A labor of love. Del Río, whose portfolio includes hits like “The Mexican,” “Kill Bill Vol. 2,” And “The Fast And The Furious,” brings A wealth of experience And A keen eye for detail to The project. His passion for authenticity shines through in every frame, transporting viewers back to The height of The 70s with meticulous accuracy.

The Real Star: The Mutiny Hotel

The Mutiny Hotel wasn’t just A setting; it was A character in its own right. A place where The likes of Liza Minnelli And John Lennon could be seen mingling, The hotel was A sanctuary for everyone, regardless of their background. Del Río elaborates, “[The owner] sees The hotel as A political statement, A hotel for drag queens, gay [people], people who do drugs; everyone was welcome regardless of race [or] philosophy; An oasis or Eden. That’s why no one would touch The hotel. The police knew things would happen there, but it was A neutral zone… very like Casablanca.”

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A Cast to Die For

The series boasts A stellar international cast that brings The chaotic, vibrant world of The Mutiny Hotel to life. Danny Pino stars as Roman Compte, The hotel manager And Cuban exile caught in A dangerous game of survival. Alongside him, Yul Vazquez plays his brother Nestor Cabal, A drug boss with A menacing presence. Add to this mix Michael Chiklis as DEA agent Zulio And Mark Feuerstein as The eccentric hotel owner Burton Greenberg, And you have A recipe for gripping drama.

Capturing The Spirit of The 70s

Every detail in “Hotel Cocaine” has been carefully curated to capture The essence of The 70s. From The flamboyant costumes to The iconic music, viewers are immersed in A world of nostalgia And vintage charm. Del Río notes, “Everything is eye candy, vintage, nostalgia, A lot of action. Every detail is accurate, not only in The wardrobe but also in The cars, how people acted, And The props, which include 500 weapons.”

Is Hotel Cocaine A True Story

Behind The Scenes Drama

Filming “Hotel Cocaine” wasn’t without its challenges. The production coincided with The Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) strikes, causing significant delays. “We had to stop because of The WGA strikes. We had The script written, but it constricted us because we couldn’t do major rewrites for The show,” Del Río explains. Despite these hurdles, The team’s dedication to authenticity And quality never wavered, resulting in A series that feels as immersive as A feature film.

The Mutiny Club: Where Every Night is A Show

No mention of “Hotel Cocaine” would be complete without highlighting The Mutiny Club. Think of it as Miami’s answer to Studio 54, but with An extra dash of exotic flair. The Mutiny Girls, with performances reminiscent of Moulin Rouge or Crazy Horse, are A sight to behold. “[The dancers] are fantastic, mind-blowing. The music is The most iconic from that era,” Del Río enthuses.

Hotel Cocaine Filming Locations

Relive The Drama: A Series for The Ages

Del Río promises that “Hotel Cocaine” is more than just A drama; it’s An experience. “It’s going to be great, fun to watch, And fun to rewatch,” he says. With its complex characters, thrilling plot twists, And A rich tapestry of 70s culture, The series is poised to become A benchmark for period dramas. Each episode offers A mix of closure And cliffhangers, ensuring viewers are constantly on The edge of their seats.

Dive Into The World of “Hotel Cocaine”

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into The wild, unpredictable world of “Hotel Cocaine.” Whether you’re A fan of historical dramas, crime thrillers, or simply love A good story, this series has something for everyone. Relive The highs And lows of The 70s drug wars, And get lost in The vibrant, chaotic world of The Mutiny Hotel.

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