Bridgerton Season 3 Filming Locations and Cast Information

Ever dreamt of dancing The night away at A lavish ball, surrounded by opulent splendor And high society intrigue? Welcome to Bridgerton Season 3, where fantasy meets history in The most enchanting way possible!

When The crew behind Netflix’s smash-hit series Bridgerton embarked on Season 3, they had one mission: to outdo themselves. “With season three, we just wanted to make everything bigger everywhere,” says Tony Hood, The location manager who has been The unsung hero behind The magical settings of The series. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want more grander-than-ever mansions, breathtaking ballrooms, And sprawling country estates?

Bridgerton Season 3 Filming Locations

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Osterley Park: A Moonlit Marvel

First stop, Osterley Park And House in London. This Georgian gem, originally dating back to The 1570s, takes center stage in Episode 2 as it hosts The Full Moon Ball. Imagine, if you will, The regal ambiance, The gleaming columns of The inner courtyard, And The soft, ethereal moonlight (thanks to A gigantic crane!). Hood gushes about how this “beautiful building” perfectly framed The ball sequence. Fun fact: There was no full moon during The shoot, so The crew had to create their own lunar magic. Talk about dedication!

Visitor Information: Osterley Park And House is open to The public, offering A glimpse into its historical grandeur.

Squerryes Court: Debutantes And Garden Parties

Next, we travel to The charming Squerryes Court in Kent, making its debut in The series. This late 17th-century manor sets The stage for A garden party where The season’s debutantes are introduced to Queen Charlotte. Hood recalls The challenge of filming in chilly weather, transforming A winter wonderland into A summer paradise. The art department had their work cut out for them, adding greenery to barren trees. It’s A visual feast that makes you appreciate The behind-the-scenes magic even more.

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Visitor Information: Squerryes Court welcomes visitors, allowing fans to walk through The very gardens graced by Bridgerton’s elite.

Grimsthorpe Castle: Eccentric Elegance

A bit further north in Lincolnshire lies Grimsthorpe Castle, A citadel with roots in The 13th century. This eccentric location becomes The home of A new character, Lord Hawkins, An inventor with A flair for The dramatic. The castle’s Innovations Ball, filmed in its expansive courtyard And walled garden, showcases The castle’s unique charm. Hood shares A behind-the-scenes tidbit: they had to build A dance floor because The castle’s floor couldn’t withstand The vigorous dance sequences. Now that’s what we call commitment to The cause!

Visitor Information: Grimsthorpe Castle is open to The public, where you can explore its quirky elegance.

Claydon House And Kingston Bagpuize House: Mystery And Majesty

Claydon House in Buckinghamshire And Kingston Bagpuize House in Oxfordshire are set to appear in The latter part of Season 3. Hood remains tight-lipped about their exact roles, but given their historical significance And stunning architecture, we can expect some grand gatherings. Kingston Bagpuize House, familiar to fans of “Emma” And “Downton Abbey,” adds An extra layer of nostalgia And grandeur.

Where Is Season 3 Of Bridgerton Filmed

Visitor Information: Both houses are open to visitors, offering A peek into their rich histories And architectural beauty.

Blenheim Palace: Hot Air Balloons And Royal Affairs

Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire makes A triumphant entry into The Bridgerton universe, hosting The Hawkins Hot Air Balloon Event And doubling as Buckingham House. This location was also A key setting in The “Queen Charlotte” spinoff. Imagine The thrill of A hot air balloon event set against The backdrop of one of England’s most magnificent palaces. It’s A visual spectacle that perfectly captures The series’ opulent vibe.

Visitor Information: Blenheim Palace is A must-visit, with its stunning grounds And rich history.

Basildon Park: Featherington Finery

Returning to The series is Basildon Park in Berkshire, which now gives viewers A peek inside its immaculate interiors. Previously serving as The Featherington family’s garden backdrop, this season it introduces us to Lady Tilley Arnold. Hood describes The interior as “immaculate,” with every detail from mouldings to woodwork meticulously designed. It’s A masterclass in historical preservation.

Bridgerton Season 3 Filming Locations

Visitor Information: Basildon Park is open to The public, where you can explore its pristine interiors And gardens.

Wilton House: A Regal Reprise

Wilton House in Wiltshire, A staple of The series, makes another grand appearance. Known for its Double Cube Room, which houses The world’s largest private collection of van Dyck paintings, Wilton House adds An extra layer of regality. Hood reveals that for Season 3, The exteriors of Wilton House were used more extensively, especially its picturesque river for promenading scenes. It’s A location that never ceases to impress.

Visitor Information: Wilton House is open for tours, showcasing its impressive art collection And stunning grounds.

Hampton Court Palace: The Queen’s Ball And More

Finally, we have The iconic Hampton Court Palace, returning for Season 3 And shining in Episode 4’s Greek myth ballet And Queen’s Ball. Hood shares An interesting tidbit: The palace is often used to fill in for various scenes, making it A versatile location. Whether it’s Master Carpenter’s Court or Tennis Court Lane, Hampton Court never fails to add A touch of historical splendor.

Visitor Information: Hampton Court Palace offers A rich historical experience, from its majestic halls to its beautifully landscaped gardens.

Bridgerton Season 3 Filming Locations Church

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Bridgerton Season 3 is not just about romance And drama; it’s A visual journey through some of The most magnificent locations in The UK. So, grab your tiara, pour A cup of tea, And get ready to be swept off your feet by The sheer beauty of these historical gems.

Stay tuned, dear readers, And remember: in The world of Bridgerton, everything is bigger, bolder, And utterly breathtaking.

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