Apple TV Show Acapulco Filming Locations and Cast Infromation

Ever wonder where The magic happens behind The scenes of your favorite shows? Well, for fans of Apple TV+’s vibrant comedy series “Acapulco,” we’ve got The scoop on The captivating filming locations that bring this nostalgic ’80s world to life. Get ready to embark on A colorful journey through The heart of Mexico as we uncover The fascinating locales that shape The backdrop of Maximo Gallardo Ramos’s rags-to-riches story.

Apple TV+’s Acapulco Filming Locations

Filming Location Matching Acapulco, Mexico

A Blast from The Past: Setting The Scene

“Acapulco” isn’t just A series; it’s A time machine that whisks viewers back to The glamorous 1980s. Created by Austin Winsberg, Eduardo Cisneros, And Jason Shuman, And inspired by The 2017 film “How to Be A Latin Lover,” this show stars The charismatic Eugenio Derbez as Maximo Gallardo Ramos. The narrative revolves around Maximo’s journey from A humble pool boy to A successful mogul at The luxurious Las Colinas resort.

But here’s The twist – despite its name, The series isn’t actually filmed in Acapulco. Intrigued? Let’s dive into The real filming locations that breathe life into this nostalgic comedy.

The Charm of Jalisco: More Than Just Tequila

While “Acapulco” may transport viewers to The sun-kissed beaches of its titular city, The actual filming takes place in The picturesque state of Jalisco, Mexico. This decision wasn’t made lightly. The production team chose Jalisco to authentically capture The essence of Mexican culture And The vibrant 1980s vibe that permeates The show.

Where Is The Acapulco Series Filmed

One of The primary filming locations is The Barceló Puerto Vallarta hotel, which transforms into The fictional Las Colinas resort. Nestled along The stunning Pacific coastline, this luxurious hotel underwent A retro makeover, complete with vibrant ’80s décor, to perfectly capture The series’ setting.

Fun Fact: The hotel isn’t just A backdrop – it’s practically A character in its own right, with its stunning architecture And lush surroundings adding to The show’s visual appeal.

A Stroll Through Puerto Vallarta: Streets of Dreams

Beyond The lavish resort, The production team utilized various locations in Puerto Vallarta to add depth And authenticity to The series. From The bustling Mina Street to The charming Agustín Rodríguez Street And The picturesque Corona Street, each location was meticulously chosen to reflect The vibrant spirit of The 1980s.

Apple Tv+'S Acapulco Filming Locations

Imagine strolling down these streets, with The sounds of laughter And bustling markets filling The air. It’s as if The city itself is inviting you to step into Maximo’s world And experience his journey firsthand.

Switching Things Up: New Locations for New Seasons

As The series progressed, so did its filming locations. For The second And third seasons, The production moved to The Westin Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta. This change of scenery didn’t just refresh The visuals but also brought A new dimension to The fictional Las Colinas resort.

The Westin, known for its luxurious amenities And stunning ocean views, underwent A transformation to maintain The series’ nostalgic charm. It’s fascinating how The show manages to keep its essence alive while exploring new locales.

Apple Tv Show Acapulco Filming Locations

Mismaloya: A Hidden Gem

While Jalisco served as The primary filming hub, The series also ventured into The breathtaking village of Mismaloya. Known for its crystal-clear waters And vibrant marine life, Mismaloya provided A stunning backdrop for some of The show’s most memorable scenes.

Scuba diving And snorkeling enthusiasts will recognize Mismaloya as A paradise for underwater adventures. This picturesque village adds A touch of natural beauty to The series, reminding viewers of The rich, diverse landscapes Mexico has to offer.

Behind The Scenes: Production Details

The journey of bringing “Acapulco” to life began in April 2021, with filming for The first season wrapping up in June of The same year. The second season followed in The spring of 2022, And The third season commenced filming in March 2023. Each season required meticulous planning And coordination to ensure The locations perfectly matched The show’s vibrant narrative.

Is There Going To Be A Season 3 Of Acapulco

It’s A testament to The dedication of The production team that they were able to seamlessly blend The beauty of Jalisco with The show’s ’80s aesthetic. Their efforts paid off, creating A visually stunning And culturally rich backdrop that fans have come to love.

Interactive Corner: Join The Conversation!

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  • Barceló Puerto Vallarta Hotel
  • Mina Street, Puerto Vallarta
  • Agustín Rodríguez Street, Puerto Vallarta
  • Westin Resort & Spa, Puerto Vallarta
  • Mismaloya Village

Where Did They Film Acapulco On Apple Tv

Unveil The Secrets: Did You Know?

  • The Barceló Puerto Vallarta Hotel had to undergo A significant transformation to fit The series’ 1980s theme. The production team spared no effort in ensuring every detail, from furniture to lighting, reflected The era’s charm.
  • Jalisco is not just A filming location; it’s A treasure trove of Mexican culture. From traditional mariachi music to mouthwatering cuisine, The state offers An authentic taste of Mexico’s rich heritage.
  • Despite recent reports of crime in Acapulco affecting its popularity as A tourist destination, The show’s decision to film in Jalisco showcases The beauty And safety of other Mexican locales.

Final Take: Share The Love!

“Acapulco” isn’t just A show; it’s An experience that transports viewers to A bygone era filled with laughter, charm, And cultural richness. By uncovering The secrets behind its filming locations, we gain A deeper appreciation for The magic that happens both on And off The screen.

So, whether you’re A die-hard fan or new to Maximo’s world, take A moment to share this article with your friends And family. Let’s spread The love for “Acapulco” And its stunning filming locations far And wide. Who knows, maybe your next vacation will be inspired by The vibrant streets of Puerto Vallarta or The serene beauty of Mismaloya!

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