American Rust Broken Justice Filming Locations and Cast Information

American Rust: Broken Justice Filming Locations

Imagine this: You’re walking down A street in Pittsburgh, The city’s iconic skyline glistening against The backdrop of The Allegheny River. Suddenly, you spot A familiar face – it’s Jeff Daniels, deep in character as Chief of Police Del Harris. Welcome to The world of “American Rust: Broken Justice”, where The gritty streets of Pittsburgh serve as The stage for A drama filled with suspense, moral ambiguity, And raw human emotion.

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The Steel City Takes The Spotlight

Pittsburgh, known for its rich industrial history And vibrant cultural scene, becomes more than just A backdrop in “American Rust: Broken Justice.” It’s A character in its own right. The city’s transformation from The fictional town of Buell in Season 1 to The bustling urban landscape of Pittsburgh in Season 2 reflects The show’s evolving narrative. The decision to shift settings adds A fresh layer of intensity And complexity to The story.

But does The filming actually take place in Pittsburgh? Oh, you bet it does!

Discovering The Filming Locations

“American Rust: Broken Justice” was primarily shot in And around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Filming kicked off in late November 2022 And wrapped up by mid-April 2023. The production team, led by director Dan Futterman, made full use of Pittsburgh’s diverse locations to bring The story to life.

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Here are some of The standout spots that you might recognize:

  • 31st Street Studios: This colossal studio space in Pittsburgh’s Strip District has hosted A plethora of TV shows And movies. It’s no surprise that “American Rust: Broken Justice” found A home here.
  • Duquesne City Hall: Doubling as The Fayette County Courthouse, this location adds A touch of authenticity to The courtroom scenes.
  • Aspinwall Riverfront Park: A picturesque spot that provides A stark contrast to The gritty urban scenes.
  • Highland Park: Known for its historic charm, this area adds depth And character to The show’s setting.
  • Pittsburgh Theological Seminary: Standing in for The fictional Roarke College, this location plays A crucial role in The storyline.

Pittsburgh’s Cinematic Appeal

Over The years, Pittsburgh has become A hotspot for filmmakers, And it’s easy to see why. The city’s blend of historical architecture And modern design offers A unique aesthetic that enhances The visual storytelling of any production. From The crime-ridden alleys seen in “Banshee” to The tense drama in “Justified”, Pittsburgh’s streets have seen it all.

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Jeff Daniels, in An interview, praised The local crew And community for their hard work And hospitality. “Filming in Pittsburgh is like working with An extended family,” Daniels remarked. “The city’s character seeps into The show, making it more authentic And relatable.”

The Story Continues

“American Rust: Broken Justice” delves deeper into The life of Chief Del Harris as he navigates The murky waters of justice And morality. The Brotherhood, A shadowy organization with A violent streak, looms large over Del’s quest for truth. The lines between right And wrong blur, making for A gripping narrative that keeps viewers on The edge of their seats.

The use of real-life locations adds A layer of realism that draws viewers into Del’s world. When you see Del chasing down leads through Pittsburgh’s streets or confronting adversaries in iconic local spots, it’s hard not to get swept up in The drama.

American Rust Broken Justice Filming Locations

Little-Known Facts And Sensational Tidbits

Did you know that The Pittsburgh Theological Seminary has been featured in several other productions? It’s true! This historic site has A knack for transforming into various fictional institutions. And that’s not all – The Strip District, with its eclectic mix of markets And eateries, offers A vibrant backdrop that contrasts beautifully with The show’s darker themes.

Your Turn – Get Involved!

Have you ever visited any of these filming locations? Maybe you’ve spotted A film crew in action or even caught A glimpse of Jeff Daniels deep in character. We’d love to hear your stories! Share your experiences And thoughts in The comments below.

Poll Time: Which Pittsburgh location featured in “American Rust: Broken Justice” would you like to visit The most?

  • 31st Street Studios
  • Duquesne City Hall
  • Aspinwall Riverfront Park
  • Highland Park
  • Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Is American Rust Worth Watching


“American Rust: Broken Justice” isn’t just A show; it’s An experience that captures The essence of Pittsburgh through its compelling storytelling And stunning visuals. The city’s iconic locations play A pivotal role in shaping The narrative, adding depth And authenticity that resonate with viewers.

So, next time you’re in Pittsburgh, take A moment to explore these iconic spots. Who knows, you might just find yourself walking in The footsteps of Chief Del Harris. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends And fellow fans. Let’s spread The love for “American Rust: Broken Justice” And The amazing city of Pittsburgh!

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