Centre for Community Knowledge


Ambedkar University Delhi


CCK team at the INSA during the 'Cross Cultural Knowledge Exchange in Antiquity' Conference,  January 2015.

Surajit Sarkar and Parul Malik briefing the student interns for a community engagement programme, 2016.


As a multidisciplinary research centre, CCK draws upon the interests and expertise of a range of faculty, staff, students from various schools and centres in the University. Additionally, there is a vast cohort of 'Friends of CCK' who have worked with us in different capacities for shorter durations since 2012. The current core team, consultant staff and regular student volunteers are mentioned below. 



Sanjay Sharma

Director; Teacher of History with specialisation in Modern India. 

Surajit Sarkar
Coordinator; His previous work includes electronic media and community based cultural activities.  Responsible for conceptualizing projects and creating processes for implementing research, documentation and dissemination at the Centre. 

Dharitri Narzary
Assistant Professor in History, School of Liberal Studies. Coordinator of the North East Forum, housed in CCK. She brings in her expertise in oral histories, material cultures and other community knowledge initiatives of the Centre, especially related to the North East. 

Yousuf Saeed
Visiting faculty at Centre for Community Knowledge. He is an independent filmmaker, writer and designer based in Delhi and is currently involved in the ongoing Delhi research and curation of the archival material on Delhi at the Centre. 


Parul Malik
Research Assistant for project, 'Cameras of the Past' and other visual History projects. Has a masters in English from Ambedkar University Delhi, and brings a spirited interest and experience in handling production coordination to the Centre.

Ranjani Prasad

Senior Research Assistant for Institutional Memory Project. Also works on the Dr. Lotika Varadarajan Ethnographic Research Collection. With a background in Media Studies and an interest in archival studies, she is the in-house archives manager. 

Mesha Murali 

Research Assistant for all Delhi research and related projects. During her masters in Sociology from Ambedkar University, she and a team had organised a neighbourhood museum. The Delhi community engagement programmes are currently being coordinated by her. 

Bharti Shandilya

Research Assistant for the Institutional Memory Project. Has had training and expertise in Audio-Video Production and manages all the audio-visual documentation tasks at the centre. 


Cheryl Jacob

Consultant. Has just completed her PhD in History from the School of Liberal Studies, AUD. Is a scholar on mapping traditions, north east and aspects of contemporary histories. Also has expertise in conference and exhibition production, editing and designing of publications and other text content. 

Kumar Unnayan

Consultant. Has completed his masters in English from Ambedkar University Delhi with an avid interest in folk and oral traditions. Has coordinated conferences at the centre in the past, and is the in-house translation expert. 

Priyanka Sheshadri 

Project Assistant during 2015-2016. She has prepared an exhaustive digital catalogue of, researched and curated Naseem Mirza Changezi's family collection (based in Pahari Imli, Chawri Bazaar)

Ilika Jimo

Conference Coordinator during August 2015- March 2016. Is currently a PhD scholar at University of Hyderabad, coordinated and organised the Conference on Cultural Continuities in the North-East. 

Alisha Chatterjee

Project Assistant for the Festival of the Institutional Memory Project, PLAYBACK in 2015. Has been a student at AUD and continues to be a consultant and film editor at the Centre. 

Anoushka Mathews
Consultant/Research Assistant between 2013-2015; A film school graduate, she has had a lead role in documenting University activities and classifying records for the Ambedkar University Institutional Memory Project and conceptualizing the roadmap of the project. Also worked as Teaching Assistant for the Digital Storytelling course. Has made 5 short films at the Centre.  

Farah Yameen
Consultant/ Ex-Researcher & Field Investigator; A media school graduate, with background in documentary production. She has been the lead investigator in collecting oral narratives from Delhi between 2014 and 2016. Also works as the in-house Persian consultant.


Nilza Angmo

Soumyadip Ghosh

Shahkaar Siddique

Prachi Mittal 

Priya Sen

​Shyam Rajan


Paulami Majumdar, Reebu Tandon, Shalini, Saransh Srivastav, Manika Kukreja, Shubham Acharya, Vinita Yadav, Shreya Jain, Kartikeya Jain, Ipsita Sengupta, Sreoshi Bhaumick, Sayan, Aman Kumar Kanojia, Monika, Gitanjali, Vishal Paswan, Minakshi Unniyal, Chitra, Manish Kumar, Sangeeta, Vaishali, Kulbhushan Sharma, Avirat Agarwal, Akash Thakur, Virender Kumar Bhandari, Ankit Vishwakarma, Binu Ann Joseph, Rahul Singh, Rahul Kumar, Dushyant.