Ambedkar University Delhi


Teaching Programmes

Centres in a University are typically dedicated research centres. Given that Ambedkar University Delhi is a multi-campus liberal-arts University and keeping in mind the diverse milieu that the pool of students enrolled in Schools of the University provide, undergraduate and postgraduate students often get involved with ongoing research in centres. 

As an interdisciplinary centre, CCK found it very useful to bring the existing expertise and ongoing research areas at the Centre to interested students and offer semester long courses and short term workshops. This is turn has created opportunities for the students to get oriented to the work at the centre and take up short term internships and contribute to the ever expanding areas of research in public histories, oralities and memory, and community knowledge. 

The courses and workshops that are offered to students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels are practice-based, interdisciplinary areas involving learning outside the classroom. Details about the courses and workshops are mentioned in the sub-pages 


Centre for Community Knowledge