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Safarnama :

Interdisciplinary Discourse on Kalamkari Hanging

(Exhibition and Conference)

CCK is in discussion with the National Museum and the French
Institute, New Delhi, for holding a collaborative workshop with an accompanying
Photographic and Interactive Digital Media exhibition. The program is
tentatively titled, Encounters between Europe and India, and examines the
tangible outcomes of the colonial encounter between India and Europe. Focusing
on early Colonial Textiles, the workshop looks at a printed textile piece, the
“Tapis Moghol”, full of floral, faunal and aesthetic elements presently at the
Musée de l’Impression sur Étoffes, Mulhouse (Museum of Printed Textiles,
Mulhouse) France.

The outcomes of this workshop, in the form of an AUD
publication and digital archive, will make it possible to outline stylistic
developments, identify major schools and masters and their oeuvres. In
addition, the digital installations will describe and highlight, technical
processes behind the craft, and Contemporaneous geographical and
historical events and influences.

It may be of interest to know that the French Institute
(Embassy of France), New Delhi, has agreed to pay for the international travel
of the French participants, and will arrange with the Museum of Printed
Textiles, Mulhouse to provide high resolution photographs of the original
textile. They are planning to publicise this event as part “Bonjour India
2013”, the Festival of France in India, 2013.