1. Centre for Community Knowledge

2. North East Forum

3. Shadi-Khampur Neighbourhood Museum

4. Dara Shikoh Festival, 2015


Centre for Community Knowledge


Ambedkar University Delhi


1. Conference Report on Digital Archiving 

An international conference on Digital Archiving on best practices in digital archiving of community knowledge with special focus on electronic and multimedia database management, held from 15th to 18th December 2010. 

2. Time, Space, Direction

Publication of a Cartography Exhibition and Seminar showcasing evolution of cartographic representations of the Indian Ocean Region and divergences from antiquity to the pre-modern age. The Exhibition was held in February 2014. 

3. Objects, Identities, Meanings

This research volume, and the first North East Forum publication, was the culmination of an ongoing inter-disciplinary research project involving faculty from the various northeastern states, presently employed at AUD. The publication put together research papers on material cultures and insider perspectives from North East India.

4. Fasaane

The ongoing research on the old city of Shahjahanabad culminated into an exhibition on Kashmere Gate in August 2015 and subsequently into the publication, 'Fasaane' that showcases the culture and stories from this area through photographs and textual research. 

5. Graphic Novel- Dilli ki Kahaani, Bacchon ki Zubaani. 

The experiences and memories of growing up in a locality are being printed graphic novels in hindi. The stories were collected from children and their families, written by Narendra Mourya, designed by students of School of Culture and Creative Expressions, Ambedkar University Delhi and printed in collaboration with the NGO, STEP.​ Currently, three of these books have been published.

  • Katputhli, Colony aur Kalakar
  • ​Kali Hui Kamai (Available for download)
  • Raen Basere ka Bachpan (Available for download)