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PLAYBACK 2015: AUD ke jaane-anjaane kisse


Ambedkar University Delhi



Institutional Memory Festival

The Institutional Memory Project, housed in Centre for Community Knowledge has been working for the last 3 years on building an institutional audio-visual database of events, life on campus, interviews, oral narratives and other memories. In 2015, in an effort to disseminate and build awareness about the institutional memory archive and showcase AUD's journey through different campuses- Dwaraka, Kashmere Gate and now, Karampura and Dheerpur, an institutional memory festival was conceived - titled PLAYBACK.

​PLAYBACK is a festival of memories about Ambedkar University Delhi, and recaps the University's story so far. In its 8 years of existence, AUD has witnessed many rapid changes and an ever expanding community of people. Through PLAYBACK,there was an attempt to explore, experience and understand the diverse narratives and memories emerging within University spaces, over the years. This festival typically gives a glimpse into the audio-video collections from the Institutional Memory Archive, currently being housed at Centre for Community Knowledge. The festival showcases stories about the AUD community and their coming of age through photo exhibits, screenings of short films and oral narratives about the University, stalls, events and other activities all across campus. 

There have been two segments to PLAYBACK Festival in the last two editions of 2015 and 2016 :

(i)  An Orientation Walkthrough (during admissions- July-August)

(ii) Institutional Memory Festival (September)

The primary objectives of the PLAYBACK Festival have been :

  • Dissemination of University related AV recordings and memories.
  • Showcasing events and activities at AUD, and publicize the research happening at schools to showcase the scope of activities at AUD. (especially for freshers)
  • An occasion to source more material and photographs on AUD, especially student research and presentations.
  • Making an AUD film.
  • Making a brochure/information booklet about Institutional Memory Project to notify students about activities and internship opportunities within the project.