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Ambedkar University Institutional Archive

The Institutional Memory Project being proposed is an important initiative which is already 2 years late in starting. Apart from being the first such initiative in the Indian context, it is essential if we wish AUD to continue on its mission leavened by reflection and self awareness of its own history and roots.

The facilities will be such as to add value to the other programmes- particularly community outreach and digital archiving that have already been undertaken by CCK.

i) The first phase will attempt to identify key documents and recordings, transcribe the recordings, catalogue and classify these documents and audio visual records.

ii) The second phase will identify key persons in AUD's institutional trajectory including people from the government, faculty students, alumni and academia who were crucial to the conceptualisation, the idea and the formation of this social sciences university. This will also include conducting interviews and audio or video recording their reflections on various aspects of their association with AUD and their experiences; and transcribe them as well as digitise, catalogue and classify the audio-visual data and transcripts.

iii) The third phase will be creating an online database or repository for the same and add these documents/ recordings to the digital repository; create a space on the University Website from where these interviews documents can be retrieved.

The outcome of the project will be a dynamic and publically accessible University Archive- a digitised Institutional Memory Repository.