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​The Centre for Community Knowledge is happy to partner with institutions and individuals. Get in touch with us :

  • If you are a student of the University or interested in any projects, join us as an intern.

  • If you wish to donate or catalogue any archival material - photographs, writer's collections, other media - that might pertain to any of our projects, get in touch with us.

  •  If you wish to view any of the in-house archives for your research, visit our office. 

What we do

The Centre for Community Knowledge (CCK) at Ambedkar University Delhi is a university-based interdisciplinary research centre that studies living communities and their diverse oral cultural and historical knowledge.

As an oral knowledge research, documentation and archiving centre, CCK has initiated rural and urban programmes that develop people centered narratives of knowledge and history and cultural transformations.  The Delhi Citizen Memory Project involves students, faculty and local partners in researching and documenting the lived history and diversity of the expanding mega city, as opposed the narrative of Delhi 'the Capital'. Similarly, the North East Forum at the University works with the Centre in undertaking field research in the states of the North East region of India, with special reference to knowledge heritage, material cultures and cultural transformation in the face of dramatic change. CCK works toward building a dialogue between knowledge from the margins and the mainstream, in the absence of which knowledge and cultural identity unique to local communities will continue to be ignored.

The Centre is also engaged in creating digital archives of community knowledge, obtained both through self initiated sources and through ethnological and anthropological researchers and community organisations. It works with cultural and scientific research institutions like the Anthropological Survey of India, Indian Museum, National Museum, INTACH, Indian National Science Academy (INSA), Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), Indian Council for Historical Research (ICHR) and others. By bringing together community knowledge holders with scholars and cultural administrators, CCK is working towards developing an interdisciplinary reassessment of our cultural pasts, through the reexamination of museum holdings that expand the sources of knowledge by bring community knowledge into the knowledge mainstream.