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A jogi in the old city singing songs of the walled city, with his customized string instrument.  

Delhi Oralities Project
The Delhi Oralities Project documents and researches the lived experiences and narratives of an ever-changing community of people in Delhi through audio interviews.
The audio interviews depict the history of a transforming Delhi and build on oral histories to themes such as rural-urban diversity, the role of migrant communities, aspects of exclusion and empowerment of citizens in the margins, everyday experiences of livelihood, food and traversing the cityscape.
​ The project, envisioned as a continuing project, documented interviews of 100 residents in the city in its first phase of 2 years. It aimed to attend to the social relations, symbols and political economies manifest in the city, and view the ‘urban’ as a process rather than as a type or category. The project has been involved in documenting, researching, and disseminating the lived experiences and narratives of community based practices of a transforming Delhi, from a collection of villages and old urban centres to the metropolis of the present day. It aims to make visible and engender neighbourhood conversations/discussions on people’s perceptions of life in the city, keeping in mind experiential aspects of living as dispersed communities; conversations with old-time residents, minorities, women and underprivileged castes, spanning a cross-section of residents in the city
The project has thus far sampled interviewees through attempting a diverse representation. Some of the selection criteria included arriving at an equal number of respondents from each of the 9 major districts of Delhi; a minimum period of residence of 15 years, occupation, class, gender and ethnic diversity.

​The project aims to bring a critical lens to a key concern of academics and policy today, which is to reveal and establish links between processes of urban growth and personal trajectories as narrated in autobiographical accounts gathered in different times and spaces, addressing local concerns of social justice through examination of lived histories.

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