Centre for Community Knowledge


Ambedkar University Delhi


Field Fellows document the farming innovations in Pipariya, Madhya Pradesh.

Field Fellows document the cultures and indigenous knowledge in Mon, Nagaland.

Community Knowledge Field Fellowship Programme

Under an agreement with the National Innovation Foundation, the  AUD-NIF Field Fellowship Program was initiated to coordinate community-led documentation of traditional knowledge and grassroots innovations. The program selected two Field Documentation Fellows, who began work from 15 May 2012 at two locations, Mon, Nagaland and Pipariya, Madhya Pradesh. 

The fellows were trained to identify, analyse and interpret grassroots unaided technological innovations and unique traditional knowledge of communities or individuals. The oral community knowledge, gathered by digital documentation of community knowledge by community volunteers would be very valuable to exisiting historical sources of underdocumented regions such as Mon and Pipariya. The fellows assessed the collected information and knowledge from various sources and incorporated common/uncommon perspectives, showcasing innovation and uniqueness, and wider usefulness to researchers in social sciences.