Ambedkar University Delhi



The Changezi father-son duo in Pahari Irnli, Delhi, have an extraordinary collection of rare manuscripts, calligraphy samples from across the world in Urdu, Arabic and Persian, early prints of biographies such as the Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri, besides several artefacts. Many of the artefacts such as semiprecious stone encrusted daggers and inlaid crockery were brought by the family's ancestors when they came to India from Iran. The family ruled a small principality in northern India before they were defeated by Akbar and subsequently engaged in his army. They moved to Delhi with Shahjahan and their personal collection is at present preserved by the family in a small room dedicated to these objects in cellophane laminations and paper wraps. 

The cataloguing and digitising to create a digital online catalogue of the entire collection involves interviewing the collectors, listing and accessing the collection, and detennining provenance of the objects in the collection.


Centre for Community Knowledge