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Blackboard notes from a field documentation workshop for students of School of Education Studies, 2015.

The field documentation workshop for students of School of Education Studies, 2013-2014.

Digital Methods Guidelines - Participants taking notes before documentation, 2015.

Audio-Visual Documentation Workshops

​Besides regular classes, CCK periodically conducts pre-field immersion workshops for students from schools in AUD like School of Education Studies and School of Liberal Studies. Besides, faculty from CCK including the multi-disciplinary North East Forum, have been invited to give pre-field experience talks by schools like School of Culture and Creative Expressions and School of Development Studies.

Every year CCK conducts audio-visual documentation workshops to equip student groups and any other group that may require, for any documentation work that their field work, project or any other initiative might entail. The AV workshops taken up at CCK have tried to modify their training based on the specific requirement of the group. In process two specific types of AV training that have been conducted are as follows :


As a part of the Institutional Memory Project, all events and talks on campus are documented and are subsequently made available online. For this purpose, a set of student interns have been trained for documenting events on campus on a daily and weekly basis.

CCK created an in - house AV team during the year 2014 - 2015 for taking care of the documentation activities of the Institutional Memory Project using student support. There are several ongoing projects that require specific photography, videography, sequence logging, editing and digitization skills and a cohort of students are continuously being familiarized with AV equipment and software to meet the project requirements.


Some student batches have a field work component for which methods of documentation and recording of interviews require a specific approach to camera work, which is sensitive to people. CCK trains student groups on handling the camera when in field and techniques of interviewing without letting the equipment interfere with the processes. It is important that the students are comfortable with the camera and other equipment so as to let in overpower the dynamics of a participative event. Student batches from MA Education Studies, MA Development Studies, and other courses have attended such workshops which last anywhere between two days to a week (based on requirement) and this has been inclusive of components ranging from photography skills to video editing.

Apart from the above mentioned need-based workshops, all-inclusive AV workshops are also conducted every semester and participation is opened up to all in the university - students, staff and faculty.