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Ambedkar University Delhi


International Seminar on Cross cultural lnteractions in Antiquity:

India, Iran, Greece and China

The International Seminar on Cross-Cultural Interactions in Antiquity was held from January 7th to 9th, 2015. This seminar explored interactions between civilizations of Greece, Iran, India and China and participants presented on interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and cultural encounters along the sites on and off the Silk Route. The subjects of these presentations focused on a shared ancient cultural cum scientific/technological heritage of the modern world and in the wider Indian domain, based on the literary, archaeological, epigraphic and numismatic evidence. The seminar moved beyond exploring the encounters within a binary framework (e.g. ~e Greek-Indian interactions, or Persia and India, or India and China) to look at the symbiosis and mutual, quadrilateral interplay of the Greek, Indian, Iranian and Chinese cultures in the wider Indian domain (and even as far as the ancient Bactrian lands) across the changing circumstances of the successive Achaemenid -Alexandrine-Seleucid/Maurya, Indo-Greek, Indo-Parthian, Sasanian/Gupta
etc. periods in the ancient world.

The Centre had organised this seminar in collaboration with National Museum, New Delhi; Indian Council for Historical
Research; India International Centre, New Delhi; Indian National Science Academy and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.