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Ambedkar University Delhi


Workshop on Annotating Historical Material of the Naga Tribes

​​This workshop, held at the Indian Museum, Kolkata to study and annotate digitised copies of rare and historical artefacts of Naga Tribes gave the chance to a few members of the North East Forum(NEF) and CCK to be a part of and initiate a program of digitising of rare and mostly unseen ethnographic materials in their reserve collections, and studying them to identify provenance and establishing cultural context. The objective had been to annotate and establish cultural context of some examples of these on a regular basis.

The Indian Museum, Kolkata has one of the largest collections of material artefacts from the North Eastern Region, dating back to the early 19'h century. As part of their outreach activities, they are interested in bringing digital copies of these rare and unique examples of community material cultural heritage, to the source communities. Archival and Historical photographs and film have been shown to successfully stimulate reflections and memories of traditional knowledge practices, on repatriation and viewing of digital media in the source communities in the present day. 

The first of these workshops, on Nov 26 & 27, 2012, relate to artefacts relating to various Naga tribes. Along with NEF researchers, other participants included community members from Mon, independent scholars and other academics and advisors. The objective is to build a context to the material artefacts, and evaluate the community cultural context of the time. The outcomes of this workshop were in the form of digital photos, will be made available in an online archive, and also on CD for showing back to the source community.