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Amrit Lal Nagar Collection

The Amritlal Nagar collection forms a part of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Archives (SSRA) project. It aimed to digitise the the manuscripts, correspondences with other writers, photographs, field and research notes and audio recordings that belonged to Amrit Lal Nagar. In addition to being a prolific writer, Amritlal Nagar was a versatile scholar. Unpublished research notes and papers, photographs and audio visual recordings of this eminent Hindi writer of the mid-20th century are available. The digitisation of the ALN Archive and creating public access to it, will add enormously to the public knowledge of the social and literary life in northern India between the 1930s and the 1980s.

Today, Amritlal Nagar's Research Library consists of approximately 3500 magazines dating back from 1902 and a collection of over 20,000 books - many of which are rare and out of print. The SSRA project has involved maintaining and preserving the current holdings of the Amritlal Nagar Reference Library and undertaking an extensive digitisation if the rare and irreplacable materials in the ALN Archives. The digital archives of Amritlal Nagar's manuscripts, photographs, field and research notes and audio recordings will be hosted by Ambedkar University, Delhi.
Since July approximately 850 photographs and miscellaneous materials have been scanned, and several magazines and audio recordings are in the process of being scanned and digitised .

The Amritlal Nagar family is overseeing the digitisation of the collection which is based in Lucknow. The process is being supervised by Dr. Deeksha Nagar of the Sanchit Smriti Trust. 


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